Thursday, 22 October 2009

Leave Michael Alone

The media, even the public, they have all in the past one way or another hurt Michael. Now is the time for it to stop. Don't you think you have ridiculed and hurt him enough now?, even still after he supposedly " died ", the media & some of the public still manage to have sly hits at Michael.

It just disgusts me that there is people out there who still want to do harm to his name, his reputation and even his family. You people seriously need to re-evaluate your emotions and feelings and shit there for one second think how you would feel if somone were to ridicule your father, brother, uncle & son. Please just sit there for a few minutes and think about that..............
Thought for long enough yet?????.. It does'nt feel good does it? NO!!! it does'nt, so why in the world would you subject him to such disgraceful unhumane accusations and torment?.

Us true fans have always stuck by him, and that only fuels you haters more, because it kills you to think that someone you dispise so much has such a popular and loyal supporting horde of fans. We can't help that fact that you will not amount to anything. Yet even when Michael opens his heart to charities you still manager to bring him down with your crap. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!, he does not deserve this stuff.

Now that you think he's dead you probably think you have won, but i promise you that you will NEVER win. I want you MJ haters to tell me what you think you have achieved?..... You have achieved nothing..... What has Michael achieved?.....Everything, he has provided for his whole family, he provided for alot of sick children, and still, at the time of when he was helping the sick you people still managed to try and bring him down. Michael may be a forgiving person but i sure as hell hope he NEVER forgives you haters.

An Incident Yesterday In LA
Now yesterday in incident occured, where a pap was following Michael's children and the pap collided with the car that was carrying them..Now i find this a damned disgrace. How dare you follow them...or should i say STALK them and then nearly cause them harm?. Luckily they were fine, and unharmed, but i could tell you now Mr PAPPARAZZI that if harm had of came to them then you could of kissed your camera goodbye, and you could of spent a little time in the good old prison cell, because it's what you paps deserve these days anywhere, because you are filth.

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