Friday, 23 October 2009

This Is It 2009 Facebook Group

Today it came to my attention that a group known as the " This Is It 2009 " Facebook Group have a blaitent disregard for its followers. I won't go into detail with any names, but a poster said that they wanted to die. So instead of offering her some emotional support the administrator of the group said, and i qoute " Take your depression elsewhere ". I find this a total disgrace, especially from someone who is running a group dedicated to Michael Jackson, of whom they claim to be a big fan of. To be quite honest & frank, i am disgusted you claim yourself to be a Michael Jackson fan, because any true Michael Jackson fan would of offered the Facebook user some emotional support in their time of need, but you the administrator of that group just brushed off that persons emotions as if it were nothing.

I would advise everyone NOT to join that Facebook group, because clearly the person who runs it does not care about its followers at all, because if the administrator of that group was a TRUE Michael Jackson fan then they would of comferted the person who was in emotional distress instead of telling the person to take there depression elsewhere.

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